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Out Of Earth

About us

With products containing only natural ingredients, we want to bring out your natural beauty. Our effective formulas help you to do this, where every ingredient is an active ingredient: the water phase consists of nutrient-rich hemp tea, instead of aqua. The organic oils used are not neutral carrier oils, but nourish and pamper your skin with special properties. And then there are the extracts: More than 30 different, carefully extracted CO2 extracts bring power to your skin care.

Gentle to the skin - gentle to the earth
All the ingredients used are well tolerated, even by sensitive skin. They are made from renewable, plant-based raw materials. You want to know more about our ingredients? We list all the ingredients in an ingredient list where you can find out more about their effects and origins. We have nothing to hide.

Out Of Earth - The big picture 
Our products are not only kind to your skin, but also to the environment. As a climate-friendly company, we take responsibility for offsetting our carbon footprint. Maybe you've already noticed: Our packaging features satellite images of the Earth. These images, taken "Out Of Earth", show us the big picture, our Earth. We only have this one planet at our disposal, there is no plan B. That's why we like to take care of our environment. 

Our core values
This leads to our three core values: Sustainability, Responsibility and Quality. We want to offer you effective and compatible skin care that you can use without a guilty conscience. We have been working on this since 2017 at our location in Vienna, and try to get better every day.