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Massage with CBD Oil - Tips for a relaxing massage

24. August 2021
A soothing massage after a day of work or sport does wonders.
We explain what you need to know and give you tips on how to get the perfect massage.
Massage with CBD Oil

Massaging strengthens the immune system and reduces stress hormones

Two studies by scientist Mark Rapaport have shown how massages can have a positive effect on health. In his first study, he and his team compared blood values of two groups - one was massaged only with light touch, while the other group received a 45-minute classical (Swedish) massage. 

In Rapaport's second study, one experimental group was massaged weekly. And this was done over a period of five weeks. The results were even clearer. The effects on the immune system increased and could be observed over a longer period of time.

Massage for a healthy lifestyle

The result is impressive. After just one massage, the researchers observed the following: 
  • Increased number of lymphocytes (responsible for defence against pathogens). 
  • Reduction of water loss 
  • Decrease in cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increase in interleukin levels (responsible for the immune response)

Sports Massage

What are the benefits of sports massages?

The results of another study are interesting for all sporty people. After the study participants cycled intensively on home trainers, one of their legs was massaged - the other leg was not.

Researchers took tissue samples from both thighs before and after and compared the values. For the first time, they showed why massages have a pain-reducing effect. 

Massaging shortens the regeneration phase

In the massaged legs, less of the pro-inflammatory interleukin-6 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha were found than in the thighs that were not massaged. 

It was also found that the mitochondria - the power plants of our cells - were stimulated by the massage. In summary, it can be said that both the healing process and muscle function can be improved by massaging.

Finding the right massage oil

The choice of massage oil is crucial for a successful massage. Both the consistency and the scent must be right. Popular oils for massage are sunflower oil, coconut oil or olive oil. They are not absorbed too quickly and therefore have the desired lubricating effect. 
Lavender Massage

Massage oils off the mainstream

There are also massage oils that have other positive properties in addition to a good feel. 
  • Eucalyptus oil is traditionally used for colds, but also for rheumatism and gout. Its refreshing scent has a relieving effect.
  • Hemp seed oil provides the skin with vitamin E and makes it supple and soft.
  • Ginger stimulates the blood circulation and helps to relieve tension.
  • Arnica supports the skin's metabolism and is effective for sprains.
  • Sage has an astringent effect and can smooth the skin.
  • Lavender oil calms the skin and mind.

What are the benefits of CBD in massage oil?

A massage oil with CBD can bring additional benefits to your skin. In a scientific study, CBD was found to regulate melanogenesis. As a result, cannabidiol may protect the skin from external stresses such as UV radiation and oxidative stress. 

Other research results show the potential of CBD for inflamed skin or joint pain, such as arthritis. 

Cannabidiol is also known as a beauty ingredient because it has strong antioxidant properties. This means CBD in cosmetics can slow down skin ageing and protect skin cells.

Back Massage with CBD

How do I massage correctly? Learn back massage in 5 steps

The back massage is a classic - whether for back pain or simply to relax. In total, you should aim for a duration of 30-45 minutes.

Important: In the case of serious back problems, a massage should only be carried out by qualified personnel. We advise against massage in cases of fever, acute inflammation, open wounds or numbness. Note that the use of massage oil may cause grease stains.  

1. Create a pleasant atmosphere
A successful massage requires more than just a good technique: the ambience must also be right. Make sure the room temperature is comfortable. Quiet relaxing music helps some people to recover better. You can also use a fragrance lamp to create a pleasant smell. Choose a comfortable place for the massage, for example the bed or a mat on the floor.

2. Warm up and massage out
Rub a soothing massage oil into the palms of your hands until warm. Make sure your hands are warm too! Using flat hands, stroke a few times parallel to the spine from top to bottom. Then move away from the spine to the side. Do these movements with light pressure.

3. Massage
Now try to feel tensions or hardened muscles. Slowly increase the pressure on these areas and massage deeper into the tissue with individual fingers. 
You can also start to "knead". The fingers move towards each other in a circular motion.

4. Find trigger points
You can now do the massage more intensively if your partner agrees. If you feel pain when pressing on a spot, then you have probably felt a so-called "trigger point". 

Trigger points in the shoulder or neck area, for example, can cause headaches. If you want to treat the trigger points, only do so in consultation with your partner. It can hurt. 

Apply constant and well-dosed pressure to the painful point with your finger. After some time the pain should decrease, then slowly release the pressure. This pressure point stimulates blood circulation and muscle metabolism. Only ever press hard enough to make the pain bearable!

5. Massage out
Finally, rub out the back over a large area. If necessary, place a blanket over the back to retain the heat. 

4 Rules for the back massage

  1. Never massage the spine itself or other bones.
  2. Watch your speed! Your partner can only relax if your movements are calm and even.
  3. Which touches would you find pleasant? Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes!
  4. Massage symmetrically: use the same grips on the right as on the left. The sequence of movements and the repetitions should also be coordinated.

Have fun with the massage!
Now you know how to massage properly. CBD massage oil gives your massage an additional special touch. The most important thing: Whether you are massaging or being massaged, enjoy it!