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Out Of Earth

About our CBD Natural Cosmetics

Your skin is a living and open system. External and internal influences can throw it out of balance. The Out Of Earth range cares for and supports the natural balance of your skin. Especially if you are plagued with redness, dandruff, impurities and irritated skin, you can benefit from its regenerating effect. For a vibrant, healthy glow.

Every ingredient an active ingredient
Take a look at our ingredients list! You will notice that the first ingredient is not "Aqua", as in most skin care products, but "Cannabis Sativa Leaf/Stem Extract". We have not diluted our cosmetics with water, but work 100% with active ingredients. The same applies to our organic plant oils. They are not only meant to give a pleasant consistency, but each one of them has a special effect.

The best from the hemp plant
In every Out Of Earth product, there's organic hemp seed oil to keep your skin supple and CBD for an extra kick of antioxidants. Plus, hemp tea nourishes the skin. This means you get the full spectrum of the hemp plant. Not only that! To enhance the effect of CBD, we use cannabinoid mimetics. These are active ingredients that are similar to hemp and can potentiate certain effects. For example, echinacea, hop extract and moringa oil. This makes our cosmetics unique.